Why Promotional Mugs Grab Your Customer’s Attention

There are many options in the custom promotional products market. However, a high-quality promotional mug will turn heads time and again, making your brand stand out in a crowd of lower-quality products. Let’s take a look at why the right promotional mug is a priceless tool for your business that will grab your customer’s attention time and again.

High-Quality Promotional Mugs Advertise Your Brand for Years

Good advertising can catch your customer’s attention for years, even decades. Just like picking the right logo, you want the medium you use to advertise your brand to withstand the test of time. Coffee mugs with your branding can do just that. They last for years while serving as a subtle reminder of your business right in your customer’s home or office.

Want that advertising opportunity to go even further? Instead of ordering printed mugs, choose USA made, handcrafted stoneware instead. The glazes and impressed designs on a stoneware mug are set to last. Your logo will never fade on a stoneware promotional mug. No matter how long you’ve been in business, promotional mugs with your brand can last just as long. Customers notice that longevity and will view it as reliable, potentially for life.

An Unusual Marketing Campaign Tool

Google Cloud Proof

Introducing new products? Set that bad boy in stone. Promotional mugs stand out in a crowd of other advertising forms and ensure your campaign gets the attention it deserves. This goes beyond just the usual marketing materials like fliers and notepads.

Where messages on these fade into a sea of products just like them, a good promotional mug stands out. With bright, naturally sourced colors and intricately detailed medallions, choosing a quality coffee mug pays off when you’re trying to send a message.

One of the best examples of using promotional mugs as campaign tools comes from our next door neighbors. One of the departments at Essity, a paper products company with a facility down the road from us in Neenah, used our mugs as an opportunity to reward its employees during a safety campaign. Workers who met certain goals in the Stop Think Act initiative received a stoneware coffee mug as a reward, complete with the campaign’s logo on the medallion.

The Stop Think Act campaign ran several years ago. However, many of the employees that earned their mugs still use them today. It proves the power of using a quality promotional mug for your campaign. More recently, Google Cloud also rewarded their team with a commemorative mug that has been a coveted keepsake especially as they continue to work from home.


Show You Care About Details…

Promotional mugs show you’re thinking ahead. Whether it’s in the fine, detailed line art of your logo on a medallion or the thumbprint at the base of the handle, having a product with attention to detail speaks volumes. It tells your customers that you care about the little things and will be just as meticulous with the service you provide them.

The quality of your product speaks volumes. Choosing a promotional mug that isn’t one of a thousand that came from a mold is one way to show you care. While many mugs fit that mold (pun fully intended), handcrafted mugs show higher quality with just a touch of the handle or a glance at the inner walls.

…And Your Customers

Whether you’re a law firm, a real estate agency, an electric company or any other number of businesses, promotional mugs with your brand are a way to say thank you to your customers and vendors. They show your valued customer you want them and appreciate their business. In turn, they can also affect whether that customer keeps coming back.

There are huge benefits for retail stores, coffee shops and other businesses. The right promotional mug can quickly become your customer’s favorite. Countless reviews from our end users describe how the stoneware they received from a vendor or a relative is now the only mug they’ll use for their coffee. In some cases, stoneware mugs can even sell out in less than a day.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Aside from thanking your customers, promotional mugs are also a genuine way to show your hard-working employees some recognition.

Every employee who has been in the workforce for more than a few years might have branded pens, notepads, drawstring bags and other tchotchkes of similarly low quality. Here’s the naked truth: Almost none of these things get used or thought about regularly. Promotional mugs, on the other hand, go with every cup of coffee or tea your employees make in the morning.

Not to mention, how you treat your employees can also reflect back on how your customers view your business. It may not seem like much, but giving a quality gift can improve your employee retention rate, which speaks volumes about what your business is like behind the scenes.

Improve Your Public Perception

Now more than ever, USA-made products come with a different set of implications. They tell the world that your company cares about American workers. In short, USA-made promotional products are your company’s way of showing that you recognize quality craftsmanship and care about giving work to American families.

A high-quality promotional mug is also a unifying tool. Almost everyone loves a hot drink every now and then. A good promotional coffee mug will catch the attention of all cross sections of our society, from young to old and across all creeds.

Even more, some Americans actively look for USA-made goods whenever they shop. Choosing USA-made promotional coffee mugs allows you to get in front of this passionate base of end users with your brand. Having domestically made products gives them a subtle hint that you care about the quality of the product you put out, solidifying your brand’s public perception. Not to mention, this is another reason why the right mug will keep your customers coming back for years to come.

The Collectability FactorA Cat with a Mug at Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe in Appleton

People look for promotional mugs. Some of Sunset Hill Stoneware’s biggest fans will plan their road trips around finding the next mug advertising local breweries and retail businesses. Once they bring their mug home, it becomes another part of their growing collection that they use every day.

Mugs last longer than most products. Plus, a good-quality mug won’t lose its luster after several cycles in the dishwasher. When your customers are looking for a gift they can take home and keep using for years, chances are some of them will see your eye-catching branded logo mugs.

Your business could gain loyal customers just by virtue of having the right mug. While it may not seem like much, a good mug can last for years and be a testament to your brand while helping you retain loyal customers.

To see what your company logo would look like on a stoneware promotional mug, request a mockup from us today.