The Sunset Hill Stoneware Collection Is Back on Amazon Handmade

After a brief absence, the Sunset Hill Stoneware Collection is back on Amazon Handmade. It’s also better than ever, with statement pieces for your kitchen that add a touch of elegance and class to your cup of coffee.

Take a peek at what’s in store with this returning collection.

Stoneware Coffee Mugs for the Quality Lifestyle

Stoneware coffee mugs boast a level of craftsmanship that mass-produced ceramic mugs can only dream of having. This is no secret to us; which is why we love showing what makes stoneware different from the ceramic mugs you’ll find at big-box stores.

The science behind stoneware’s durability is in how we make it. Thanks to its high firing temperatures and solid, sturdy construction, stoneware can withstand even the hottest microwave or oven with ease, all while the thick handle stays cool to the touch. Other, cheaper mugs are often made using molds or slip casts, making them more prone to breaking or overheating.

Unlike printed coffee mugs, stoneware pottery mugs never lose their color. The glazes that coat the mugs vitrify to the clay during the firing process, turning it to glass that will never fade or flake off like ink. For this and their ability to withstand high washing temperatures, stoneware coffee mugs are safe to put in the dishwasher.

Much like your favorite stoneware baking dishes, this just proves that we build stoneware coffee mugs to last. Although those are just a few of the reasons why these mugs are perfect for anyone looking for a quality statement piece for their kitchen, we’ve covered many more on our blog over the years.

USA-made Housewares on Amazon Handmade

In the past, our Amazon Handmade page hosted exclusive medallion designs and limited-edition pieces for the holidays, among others. While you might still find a few of those designs in the Sunset Hill Stoneware collection, we decided to turn our focus to the high-quality pieces themselves.

You’ll notice one major difference between the mugs we make for brands and businesses and the mugs in the Sunset Hill Stoneware Collection: There aren’t any medallions. That’s because we decided to let the artistry of our potters take center stage with this line of exclusive mugs.

Due to the nature of our process, no two of our pottery coffee mugs are the same. Sunset Hill Stoneware embraces that. In fact, while we hold all of our products to strict quality standards, we love noting the minor differences in our mugs. Depending on who threw the clay, some may have a spiral ring of clay at the base inside the mug, or ridges the potters left behind with their fingertips. A pair of mugs in the same two-tone glaze might have different drip lines on top. Even single-tone glazes like Oatmeal might have more or fewer brown flecks depending on a number of factors during the firing process.

To us, all of those slight variations make our USA-made coffee mugs works of art. That’s why this collection is perfect for anyone looking to step up their housewares with some USA-made quality craftsmanship that you can both see and feel in each mug.

Three Styles, 22 Colors, Limitless Possibilities

The new Sunset Hill Stoneware collection offers mugs in three different styles: The Potbelly, Executive Slim and Wide Mouth. Each style is also a different size, ranging from 12 oz. to 16 oz., so there are options for those who only need a little coffee to wake up in the morning and those who need enough java to keep them awake for four days.

Each of the three styles also has at least seven different color options, many of which are exclusive to each style. We chose a selection from our most popular glazes, plus some more unusual options that are perfect for the collector in all of us.

Some of the glaze colors available in this debut batch include classics like Northern Lights, Sunfire Red, Galaxy Night, Deep River Haze and Silvery Night. However, you might also find some newer colors like Robins Egg, Cherry Cola, Toasted S’more and Denim Tuxedo among the collection’s offerings.

Not seeing your favorite glaze color listed here or on the Amazon Handmade page? Stay tuned. We plan to swap out the available color options over time, so you’ll likely see the color choice for you in the near future. Chances are, at least one of them will be the mug for you.

Looking for our classic mugs with medallions? Don’t worry. We’ll also have some unique designs included in the collection, some of which might also be limited-edition pieces.

The no-medallion mugs of the Sunset Hill Stoneware Collection can be ordered as single pieces, or as a small set. However, quantities of certain colors may be limited in this debut batch. View the entire collection on Amazon Handmade and get free two-day shipping with Prime today.