Twisted Tree: Promotional Coffee Mugs with a Twist

Door County. Its nickname is the “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” and for a good reason. Tourists from all over the region flock there in the summer to get their fill of fish boils and hiking. It’s also a popular spot to hunt for Sunset Hill Stoneware’s promotional coffee mugs and shop local. In order to get the most out of their hiking experience though, many tourists and locals alike turn to Twisted Tree to find activewear that can keep up with their pace.

But what sets Twisted Tree apart from the retail giants selling athleisure wear? It starts with the quality of the products they offer and goes even deeper than that, with the causes they support and beyond.

Sportswear and Quality Goods with a Twist

Located in Sister Bay, Wis., Twisted Tree is in the heart of the action in Door County, especially during the summertime when tourists flock there from the Midwest and beyond. One of their mainstays is athletic wear, with everything from performance tanks for men to leggings for women and countless options in between. However, they offer so much more. Twisted Tree offers running and hiking shoes, along with pet accessories and yoga mats. The latter product is particularly fitting for Twisted Tree to offer. After all, their owner, Shannon is a certified yogi.

However, one of the biggest stand-outs for these products is a point of pride for the Twisted Tree staff. According to the staff, one of their priorities when looking for products to stock is that they’re local or handcrafted. They also research to ensure the products they choose have a positive impact on the community or the environment.

On top of their brick-and-mortar store in Sister Bay, Twisted Tree also has an online shop. Here, visitors can find all of the products they’d find in store and purchase them from anywhere.

Life is Better with Dogs

Aside from the lovely employees at Twisted Tree who are happy to help anyone looking for the perfect hiking shoes or swimwear, there’s one staff member who rules the shop with an iron paw. Maple is the official shop dog at Twisted Tree. A mini Australian shepherd, she spends most of her time at the shop hanging out in her spot behind the counter, greeting customers with her big blue eyes and being adorable.

When she isn’t ruling the roost at the shop, Maple is an influencer. Aside from having her own Instagram, she makes regular appearances modeling Twisted Tree’s products, including their tote bag and a very familiar promotional coffee mug.

As a matter of fact, Maple was the inspiration for one of the most distinctive coffee mugs the shop offers, appropriately called the Maple Mug. Like many other Australian shepherds, Maple has a striking merle coat that matches beautifully with our SwirlWare line. Because of this, Twisted Tree offers a SwirlWare Fresh Awakening mug. While the original SwirlWare mug featured Twisted Tree’s symbolic logo, the most recent iteration features a paw print with striking black infill to further capture Maple’s likeness.

Like all of our SwirlWare custom coffee mugs, each Maple Mug is made with a twist of white and natural clay. No two turn out exactly alike, making each Maple Mug a unique work of functional art. Since we’re big proponents of shop dogs, we can’t help being excited about producing these symbolic mugs.

On top of being works of art, each Maple Mug further contributes to the shop’s efforts to give back to their community. According to Twisted Tree’s staff, $2 from every Maple Mug sold goes to the Wisconsin Human Society’s Door County chapter.

Promotional Coffee Mugs with Extra Zen

Aside from the Maple Mug, Twisted Tree has multiple types of Sunset Hill Stoneware coffee mugs available. However, the shop only offers these mugs in limited batches. It pays to either visit earlier in Door County’s high season or order from their online store.

Some of the designs we’ve created for Twisted Tree are based on the metal cutouts they have on display inside and outside the store. One is the Lotus Mug, with a design reminiscent of the flower and yoga pose of the same name, along with the now sold-out Ohm mug. Both of these medallions are available on the Potbelly.

However, there’s another mug available that breaks away from the yoga theme and goes after the green thumb in everybody.

Although their color selections change from year to year, Twisted Tree’s mugs feature some of our earthiest glazes, including Seafoam, Spanish Moss and Razzmatazz. And that’s just this year’s selection. In their first year, Twisted Tree chose Stormy Blue and Amethyst Horizon. Given that the shop plans to choose different colors each year, we look forward to seeing what other zen-inspiring glazes they pick in the years to come.

At Sunset Hill Stoneware, we’re proud to contribute to Twisted Tree’s love for local products. We encourage mug collectors, outdoors enthusiasts and yoga students alike to pay them a visit in Sister Bay and support small businesses. Find Twisted Tree and countless other businesses in Door County and beyond with our Mug Map.