Cat Coven Halloween coffee mugs

The Spookiest Halloween Coffee Mugs

Halloween is upon us! Whether you’re visiting a haunted house with your friends or watching your neighborhood fill up with trick-or-treaters, it’s always a good idea to stock up on your favorite hot cocoa, apple cider or a fresh cup of joe with some Halloween coffee mugs.

Sunset Hill Stoneware works with countless businesses that get scary during the fall or even all year long. Read on to find just a few of our favorite pieces of spooky stoneware that will make your Halloween.

Burial Chamber

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of our local favorites for Halloween frights! Just up the road in our hometown of Neenah, Burial Chamber is the largest haunted house complex in the Midwest and a unique way to get your thrills on a dark October night.Burial Chambers mugs

The complex hosts three different haunted houses to scare the pants off its guests. There’s also a burial simulation that’s not for the claustrophobic or faint of heart. Visitors chose Burial Chamber as one of the most unique overall haunted houses through the Visitor’s Choice Awards, along with other awards for its unusual ideas.

To make up for scaring you out of your wits many times throughout your journey, you can find unique logo mugs in Burial Chamber’s gift shop. These mugs have the scary skull logo that’ll give you a little fright every time you take it out for your morning cup of coffee.

Burial Chamber offers several Halloween coffee mugs for its guests to take home from year to year. For example, in 2018 visitors can find the Dale Barrel and Executive Slim mugs in Lava Rock and Galaxy Night, plus the Good Mornin’ bowl. The complex has also offered the Potbelly and other smaller mug styles in the past as well.

Cat Coven

The apparel and mugs you’ll find through online retailer Cat Coven are perfect for those looking for a witchy vibe, those who love cats and those who love covens. Cat Coven jack o'lantern mug

The brainchild of illustrator Kjersti Faret, Cat Coven is “a lifestyle brand for the weirdos, the magical and the feminists”. Faret designs all of the artwork for the products and does most of the printing on her own. Moreover, much like Sunset Hill Stoneware’s American products, Cat Coven gets their products domestically or otherwise responsibly.

Cat Coven rat witch mug

Sporting T-shirt styles with Halloween-themed designs, Cat Coven is the perfect place to find accessories, art and home décor with a spooky touch. Whether it’s tank tops or woven blankets, the shop’s products sell out quickly. It helps to follow the official Instagram and Facebook accounts to know when new products are about to launch.

Just in time for Halloween, Cat Coven released a set of mugs in some of our most popular accented black glazes, including Tigers EyeSilvery Night, Galaxy Night and Dark Mint. Two styles have two kittens peeking out of a jack-o-lantern, plus a design with a rat wearing a witch’s hat.

Other designs have been available on our Potbelly mugs through the brand’s online store since early 2018, including designs featuring a dragon, a bat and a sphinx.

Iron Bean Coffee Company

Continuing its tradition of debuting seasonal stoneware around major holidays, Iron Bean Coffee Company debuted its 2018 Halloween coffee mugs a few weeks before Oct. 31 with an extra dose of the spook factor.IBCC Halloween mugs

Taking inspiration from slasher films, the medallions on Iron Bean’s Halloween stoneware feature the company’s mascots, Nori and Dylan, trick-or-treating. The original edition of these mugs featured the company’s name in our red glaze for a blood splatter effect.

This unique Halloween mug was released in our Potter’s Delight mug style, along with a run for the company’s superfans in our Good Mornin’ kitchenware bowl. Both styles were originally offered in our classic Midnight Black glaze.

Iron Bean Halloween in Cranberry BogSome Iron Bean Coffee Company fans also got a few twists on the Halloween mugs and bowls. A few bowls had black glaze instead for a special look, while we took some of the mugs to the lab and experimented on them with the blood-red top of our Cranberry Bog glaze. The result was as spooky as the original, with a red sheen that scared us when it came out.

Since these were a limited-edition batch, the mugs may be rare for new collectors of Iron Bean’s merchandise. Find the company’s complete line of Sunset Hill Stoneware products on our blog.




Warrior Culture Gear

While not strictly Halloween-themed, the mugs we make for the brand Warrior Culture Gear err on the side of hardcore with plenty of skull art. One of the more recent additions is a Java Taster in our brand-new Autumn Fire glaze.Warrior Culture Gear limited edition mugs

Featuring designs that run from veteran-oriented to horror movies, Warrior Culture Gear appeals to the toughness in everyone. Appropriately for fall, the unique coffee mugs feature a skull in the medallion with the phrase, “Death before decaf”. As a limited-edition release, only 100 of these mugs went to Warrior Culture Gear fans.

While “Death before decaf” is a strong position, we can’t disagree. Nor could scores of fans. These mugs sold out in hours through the company’s Facebook page and website. More unique mugs will be released in the future through the official Facebook page and other social media with the brand’s coffee blends.

No matter which beverage you like to drink from them, your Sunset Hill Stoneware Halloween coffee mugs are just as unique as your business, with any sort of design from spooky to detailed and delicate to downright festive. The only limit to what we can create is your imagination.


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