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Museum Mugs: Sunset Hill Stoneware in Museum Shops

There are hundreds of museums across America where you can find Sunset Hill Stoneware’s unique coffee mugs. In gift shops and bookstores, these museum mugs get them more funding than souvenirs like shirts or printed mugs.

These museums use Sunset Hill Stoneware in their bookstores because their unique mugs show how committed they are to quality. Although these aren’t the only places to find museum mugs, they stand out in the crowd for delivering unforgettable impressions.

Walt Disney Family Museum

The creator of the most famous mouse in the world, a beloved amusement park and countless films, Walt Disney’s life and work are highlighted at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Located in the Presidio in San Francisco, this museum houses originals and recreations of Disney’s earliest works. The collection include the origins of his first feature films and exhibits on his work as an animator.Walt Disney Family Museum castle mug

Visitors to this museum can see the amount of care Disney put into his craft. From creating his first short with Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie, to his wartime propaganda pieces and classic feature-length movies such as Pinocchio and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you can see Disney’s work and its impact on his own life and his family in great detail. Although Disneyland is still a six-hour drive from this museum, it’s a treat for any Disney fan or art lover.

To match Walt Disney’s dedication to quality, the museum bearing his name has stoneware coffee mugs among its gift shop memorabilia. These Disney coffee mugs come from Wisconsin and show the mark of handmade quality with ridges inside the mug and thumbprints at the base of their handles. They all come from the hands of Sunset Hill Stoneware’s dedicated craftsmen. Both the red Mickey Mouse mug and the Stormy Blue Castle mug are available on the museum store’s website.

Mark Twain House & Museum

One of America’s most prolific authors and journalists, Mark Twain has several homes and museums bearing his name. This particular museum, located in Hartford, Conn., is notable not only for its stately architecture of red brick, but also because Twain wrote his best-known literature here.

Mark Twain House & Museum mugs in Copperhead RunOver the course of 17 years, Twain wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Prince and the Pauper, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and many other classic stories at this house. In doing so, he changed the way authors write and the face of American literature even to this day. The influence of Twain’s relaxed writing style shaped how we read novels and arguably made books accessible to the masses.

The Mark Twain House & Museum shows what Twain’s life was like when he wrote these novels, plus artifacts from his possessions and family. There are also interactive tours available, including living history segments and ghost tours that could bring a chill to your bones.

After touring Twain’s home and learning about his life, visitors can support this museum by purchasing a stoneware beer mug in the rustic Copperhead Run glaze from the gift shop. These mugs feature Twain’s distinctive bust, along with the museum’s name and location. Not only does this placement make a good memory for anyone who enjoyed their museum visit, but it also serves as a piece of branding for the Mark Twain House & Museum that will last for years to come.

Dr. Pepper Museum

Dr. Pepper Museum ceramic mugLocated in a former bottling factory for the famous soda, the Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute in Waco, Texas highlights the history of the soft drink industry and the various brands the company owns, including 7UP, Squirt, Sunkist, A&W root beer and more.

Fans of old-fashioned memorabilia and these sodas will enjoy exhibits on the brand’s early years. You’ll even see some classic advertising campaigns. There are also plenty of activities for visitors. During their tour, guests can visit the Liquid Laboratory and learn what makes soda bubbly, how to cook with Dr. Pepper and about soda flavors from around the world. There’s even a 1950s soda fountain, with ice cream sundae options and the nicest soda jerks you’ll ever meet.

Dr. Pepper Museum mug in Imperial PurpleNaturally for a museum as bright and colorful as this one, the Dr. Pepper Museum’s souvenir coffee mugs are a pop of bold color as well. Multiple mug styles are at the museum, including the soda’s logo from its Be a Pepper campaign on the online store.

Members of the museum’s 10-2-4 Collectors’ Club can also get a special gift that shows off Sunset Hill Stoneware’s ability to make detailed logos come to life. Their Fresh Awakening mug in Imperial Purple pays homage to vintage ads advising people to drink Dr. Pepper three times a day. This exclusive mug is only available to members of this club for memorabilia collectors.



Presidential Libraries and Museums

Sunset Hill Stoneware provides souvenir mugs to presidential libraries and museums across America, from Benjamin Harrison to Bill Clinton. Each of these museums has a different location based on where the president was born or resided, but many are on Sunset Hill Stoneware’s interactive map.

McKinley Presidential Library & Museum mugEach presidential library and museum features displays showing the president’s achievements, often before and during their time in office. Many also have exhibits about events that happened during their presidency or lifetime that shaped both them and the world. For example, the William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum features a life-size replica of a street of shops in 19th century Canton, McKinley’s hometown. The Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum has exhibits highlighting Eisenhower’s military service and Midwestern upbringing. Each library and museum tells the story of America on an individual level, with no two experiences  being alike.

The ceramic coffee mugs found at each presidential library and museum are different from the last. Every mug has unique artwork on the medallion. Ranging from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s family crest at his library to a badge commemorating Eisenhower’s status as a five-star general, each mug features distinct artwork to promote the presidential library and show off its most unique attractions.

Although there are numerous presidential libraries and countless other museums across America with Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs and steins in stock, many also have them available in their online bookstores. Be sure to check each library’s gift shop to see if there are mugs you can purchase and take home.

Sunset Hill Stoneware supplies mugs to museums all over America. To see where you’ll be able to find museum mugs this month, check out our mug map.

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