5 Unique Shot Glasses for Game Day

Football season is here. Since Sunset Hill Stoneware does its business within throwing distance of Green Bay, game day holds a lot of traditions here. Our team loves tailgating and watching the Packers play, waking up early to get some brats on the grill and partaking of the local brews. That’s not where we stop though. For us, having unique shot glasses on hand is just as much a part of game day as the game itself.

Sunset Hill Stoneware carries three different shot glass styles. Each has a unique shape, and they’re all perfect for kicking the party up a notch during your next tailgate. Here are just a few of the favorites we’ve made over the years.

1. Vince Lombardi Shot Glasses in Cheers

It’s no secret that we love Vince Lombardi. We even have a special relationship with his family to put his likeness on our products. However, some of our favorite shot glasses feature not only his trademark look with his fedora and trench coat, but some of his best quotes.

The Cheers is an unusual take on the classic shot glass. It features a tiny handle that makes it easy to drink without spilling even into the fourth quarter, all while making a unique first impression on anybody who sees it. Our Lombardi line of Cheers shot glasses in particular is a must-have for any Packers fan. We’ve even given away some of these on our Facebook page during game days to celebrate any time the Packers win!

A few of our favorite quotes from our Lombardi line of Cheers stoneware shot glasses include:

  • “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”
  • “The dictionary is the only place that success comes before hard work.”
  • “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”
  • “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

Chaser stoneware shot glass from 1776 United

No matter which team is your favorite, Vince Lombardi is objectively one of the greatest coaches of all time. We’re proud to pair the words of such a distinct man with an equally distinct shot glass.

2. The Chaser

It might look simple, but the Chaser is the perfect companion for any game day. Its sleek lines make it the perfect pairing with any sort of logo or design you might want to put on the front, plus it keeps its contents colder, longer. This makes it the perfect way to serve mixed drinks and chasers at your next college bowl party.

Not to mention, even though it’s objectively our simplest shot glass shape, the Chaser is the perfect way for sampling shots of whiskey, Irish cream or other spirits. It’s almost twice as large as those cheap, printed shot glasses you’ll find at the party store. So, in addition to containing twice the fun of a normal shot glass, Chaser custom shot glasses have that much more room for any design you’d want on a clay medallion. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate a touchdown.

In fact, the Chaser is so perfect for game day that we don’t even have a single favorite medallion for it. We love them all. A few that we love, however, came from Lasaters Coffee and Tea, America’s National Parks and 1776 United.

3. “Life’s Too Short to Drink Cheap Beer” in Cheers

Unique shot glass with craft beers

Because it’s true.

The design on this miniature mug comes straight from our line of stock artwork. Combined with our beautifully simple Mountain Brown glaze, it’s perfect for sampling quality craft brews on game day. Whether we’ve brought a bunch of bottles from local brewers or our buddies have tried their hands at home brewing, or even if someone brings special samples during happy hour, nothing else gets the party started quite like this pottery shot glass.

We’ve made hundreds of Cheers shot glasses over the years, many with our stock art, ranging from designs based on vintage signs from Route 66 or puns heralding our love of espresso. No matter what design you choose, the unusual design of the Cheers will always stand out. Whether you like big box brewers or small batches from the beer house down the block, the Cheers shot glass is perfect for trying any and all of them before the big game.




4. Lombardi Shot Glasses in Little Shooter

What else would we use to get the party started at Lambeau Field? Although these are slightly smaller than its stoneware counterparts, the Little Shooter is an elegant shot glass that stands out in the crowd. That’s why this is another shot glass we’ve used time and again to impart some Lombardi wisdom. Our favorites feature a reversed medallion saying, “Mental toughness is essential to success.” It may be from another era of the game, but it’s still true for just about any sport we watch or play.

The Little Shooter, a Unique Shot Glass from Sunset Hill StonewareThink the 2-oz. Little Shooter is too small to customize? Think again. You and your team can toast assured knowing that we can get intricate detail even on its tiny medallion. It’s the perfect statement piece for your brand that brings something different when you supply jello shots at your next event.

Not to mention, the Little Shooter works for more than just your favorite drinks. It’s perfect for serving up condiments with your fries, pretzels and more all game day long! Just add barbecue sauce, mustard or any other sauce of choice and go to town with those chicken fingers your buddy brought to the tailgate.

5. Espresso Shot Glasses in Little Shooter

Let’s face it: There is such a thing as partying too hard. When you wake up the morning after game day, it can be hard to get up and move again. Luckily, the same custom shot glasses you used to party at the football game are perfect for shooting something else: espresso.

Whether you’re trying to get up and go early in the morning before a tailgate party or recover the next day, our shot glasses have you covered here, too. Countless coffee roasters across the U.S. use these to serve espresso shots at their shops. From there, that hot, liquid magic will make yesterday’s hangover disappear in no time.

No matter how or where you use it, Sunset Hill Stoneware’s unique shot glasses bring an added layer of fun to any event. We recommend getting a quote for these custom shot glasses and seeing what your artwork will look like on each style. Our team of specialists is happy to help you find the perfect style and color for your logo.

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