High Definition Clay Medallions



Make a lasting impression with our proprietary imaging processes. We take your high-resolution artwork and transform it into a high-definition, three-dimensional clay medallion. The results are amazing!

Since the beginning of time, ancient civilizations have carved, molded and added glaze color to clay pots. Even then, pieces were handmade and decorated, sun dried and functional.
Duane and Tom have studied the industry standard and re-invented it! Our high-tech imaging process captures the intricate details of your logo and converts it into a 3-dimensional clay medallion. 

The precision of your logo, captured in clay, visually connects your image with a quality-made product—creating a lifelong billboard of your brand.
The top surface of your 3-D medallion is the natural clay color, while the recessed areas contain your glaze color. Wider artwork areas will show the glaze color more prominently, while thin artwork lines will appear black.
Upload your artwork. Within a short time, we’ll have artwork concepts waiting for your approval.
Read more about how we have taken an art from yesteryear
and modernized the processes for today’s needs.

Your Image in Stone(ware)
High Definition ♦ Amazing Detail
Intricate elements of your logo tranformed into a 3-D clay medallion.
Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.