Want to Make Your Stoneware Mugs More Unique? Try These Add-Ons!

Sunset Hill Stoneware has plenty of ways to make your stoneware coffee mugs even more unique. These are just some of the options you can use to customize your mugs to promote your brand or logo.

Custom Bottom Numbering

Use our bottom numbering options to promote how exclusive your product is! Learn about the different ways we can number your mugs.

Custom Bottom Stamping

Use your own custom bottom stamp to add an extra bit of branding detail to your stoneware mugs! These can also show your mugs are an American-made product from our artisans.

Black Backfill

Some of our glaze colors automatically come with black backfill on the medallions. But, you can add black backfill to almost any glaze color to make your design stand out!

Specialty Backfill Colors

Make a statement! Include a different, solid glaze color inside your medallion to make your design really pop.

Mustache Guards

Show support for your follicly gifted fans and use our custom mustache guards on your steins and mugs! These protect mustaches from getting wet when you're drinking your favorite drink.

Unique Mug Handle Shapes

Add a fancy or fantastical flare to souvenir mugs for your event! These handles are perfect for renaissance festivals, fairs and other events where you want your product to stand out in a crowd. We also offer dual handles on both sides of your mug and a thumb rest to elevate your drinking experience.

Neoprene Bottom Pads

The bottoms of your Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs are sanded down to protect your surfaces, but we can also add a neoprene pad to the bottom of each mug for extra protection upon request.

Premium Glazes

In a sea of so-so mugs, our premium glazes make your brand stand out! Check out the classy air of all these special glazes on our Glaze Gallery.

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