The Owners

Have get-up-and-go spirit, boundless energy and a wide range of talents? That describes Duane and Tom Dunsirn. This father and son team is committed to preserving their family values and their mission to produce the highest quality, handcrafted stoneware products featuring 3-dimensional customized artwork in America. As co-owners of the company, Tom fuels the desire to market and deliver an exceptional product, while Duane is the manufacturing wizard bringing innovation and lean efficiencies to the business.

Master Potters

At the heart of the company are master potters who express their art in a blur of motion on custom-designed pottery wheels. Jason, our shop manager, oversees the production and shipping of each individual piece. "Every piece of stoneware is hand thrown. There is no mass production, cookie cutter system to our process. We start with a clump of clay and the potters throw each piece - some handcrafting up to 50 pieces/hour. It is quite a sight to watch."

While each piece is individually crafted and unique, uniformity and consistency of product is achieved through the potter's exceptional talent of experience. Added labor intensive details - such as applying a handle and crested-clay medallion, coating the bisque ware with glaze, conducting multiple firings - are completed by committed production staff. A final quality check before careful packaging for shipment ensures each item arrives safely and exactly as requested.

Dedicated Team

Supporting our skilled craftspeople are attention-to-detail office staff dedicated to a rich tradition of service. Multi-tasking with phone calls, graphic layouts, purchase orders and delivering overall customer satisfaction, Shelly, Jessica, Kristin and Sarah team up to help customize orders.

So many decisions! Would you like a mug, stein, crock or select from our KitchenWare collection? What color glaze do you prefer? Would you like plain or decorated with a business logo?

An earthy clump of wet clay spun to life. By people who care.