Innovation and science is an ART –
                                     and we work hard to perfect it!

SHS production potters throw on custom-designed pottery wheels. You can’t buy these off the shelf. Engineered and built by Duane Dunsirn, these wheels were designed with state-of-the-art electronics. Our potter’s have accurate and smooth speed control during acceleration and deceleration – a bit like NASCAR.

Personalized mobile damp carts and traveling workstations, known as Taxi Cabs were also invented by Duane. They allow us to transport and protect the clay-based pieces throughout the entire production process.

Our ‘Rock Solid’ leader didn’t stop there.  He invented safe processes for glaze blending and achieved standardization in handle extrusion. Duane added clean air filtration and circulation systems to distribute continuous fresh air – free from harmful airborne contaminates. Even our packaging and shipping areas are designed and equipped with vacuum tables that meet HEPA clean air standards.

This ingenuity supports our mission to preserve the spirit and patriotic desire for high quality, American-made products – all while keeping our employees safe.