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Excellent Quality, March 05, 2014
This mug was ordered to replace one purchased several years ago at a gift shop. This has been my husband's coffee mug daily and I was so happy to replace it for Valentine's Day.
By Amanda C from Mississippi
Sunset Hills Stoneware is Simply Unsurpassed!, October 04, 2013
Ten years ago while visiting Yosemite National Park I purchased four sandstone, Straight Shot mugs with the bear medallion. I was completely impressed with the unique and unusual glaze and of course the style. Well, recently, and literally after using the mugs daily for ten years I broke the handle off one mug while washing it. I was so shocked but realized it took an unusually hard blow on the granite counter top. I was relieved to see the logo on the bottom of the mug complete with the phone number! I was thrilled to find Sunset Hill Stoneware not only still in business, but thriving! I ordered a replacement sandstone Straight Shot mug and a Toms mug to try something new. I was so pleased when these mugs arrived and were so exquisite and beautiful I ordered more Toms mugs and also Souper Bowls. It is so fun being able to choose your own individual glazes and medallions that reflect your own personal style. The fact that these products are completely made in the USA is absolutely appealing to me. Each piece created is a completely unique work of art, individually fashioned by hand by master potters. I admire each piece of stoneware knowing an amazing potter has made it just for me :) After using my Sunset Hills Stoneware...again, some for ten years, there are "NO" signs of wear! The color and medallions and glaze look like new. I am also very pleased that the price of these remarkable works of art are so reasonable. As an added bonus, the customer service representatives could not be more helpful or personable. My experience with the Sunset Hill Stoneware company has actually been very fun and I could not be more pleased.
By Bunny Bishop from Lake Tahoe, NV
My favorite mugs!, January 04, 2013
I had a mug an artist friend made for me many years ago. I loved it, but one day it broke. I did not find another one I liked for years, until about 5 years ago when we visited the Nevada railroad museum in Carson City and my wife bought me an SHStoneware mug with the museum's logo. I love it. About 2 years ago I bought 3 mugs directly from SHStoneware for our family, and we just bought 3 more. We all love them. These are the best!! And made in America!
By John from California
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