Safety Improvements



  • Florida-like atmosphere achieved 24/7 with custom-designed, computer-controlled system
  • Employee comfort with heat retrieval process that monitors indoor/outdoor air temps and then auto adjusts indoor environment to 78-degrees
  • Continuous distribution of fresh air free from harmful airborne contaminates with clean air filtration and circulation system
  • Mobile damp carts with pull-down functionality slightly dry the pottery, while maintaining optimal moisture content.
  • Consistent, repeatable glaze color with safe blending techniques
  • Traveling work stations protect and safely transport the clay-based pieces throughout the manufacturing process.
  • 26 new computer-controlled kilns with built-in sensing and safety features are controlled internally and via the Internet.
  • Packaging and shipping areas equipped with vacuum tables meeting HEPA clean air standards

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Employee Safe Environment
Contaminate-free air ♦ Custom-designed pottery wheels
Easy-to-steer damp carts ♦ Traveling work stations 
24/7 continuous flow of fresh air