Green Initiatives



Sunset Hill Stoneware is produced in a one-of-a-kind production pottery facility incorporating safety and environmental excellence that simply does not exist elsewhere.
  • Custom-engineered HVAC system reclaims 100% of the heat produced. Re-dispersed to dry greenware, warm water, heat facility, etc.
  • Smart technology is used to monitor indoor/outdoor temperatures and humidity levels resulting in repeatable, precise year-round room temperature of 78° at 45% humidity – perfect for clay drying and employee comfort.
  • Powerful clean air filtration and circulation system installed to control harmful airborne contaminates (a/k/a silica) generated from clay dust. System generates a continuous flow of internal fresh air circulation.
  • Water is intercepted and separated to prevent manufacturing by-products from affecting employees or local communities.
  • White reflective painted walls and high-performance lighting for bright, uplifting work environment. 

Read more about employee safety, facility productivity, Signature StonewareTM and how we modernized an ancient art with today's technologies through hard work, determination and ingenuity. 


Green Initiatives
Climate-controlled kiln room
100% kiln heat reclaimed ♦ Dispersed to dry greenware and facility
T-8 fluorescent lamps ♦ LED lighting ♦ Motion sensing controls
Air conditioned comfort!