Green Initiatives



  • Maximized heating / cooling efficiencies with 14” insulation shield throughout production site
  • Climate-controlled kiln room, known as The Fire House, accommodates 26 state-of-the-art kilns, HVAC systems, heat recover equipment and custom-engineered ventilation system
  • 100% kiln heat reclaimed and dispersed to dry greenware, generate warm/hot water, reheat make up air and heat entire facility
  • Manufacturing by-products throughout the pottery-making process intercepted and separated from the sanitary water systems
  • Optimized lighting performance achieved with efficient T-8 fluorescent lamps, indoor/outdoor LED lights, motion sensing controls and natural lighting

Read more about the safety of our employees, our energy efficiencies—and our Signature StonewareTM.


Green Initiatives
Climate-controlled kiln room
100% kiln heat reclaimed ♦ Dispersed to dry greenware and facility
T-8 fluorescent lamps ♦ LED lighting ♦ Motion sensing controls
Air conditioned comfort!