Hand-thrown Pottery



Tom Dunsirn started the company in 1998 with his love for handcrafted pottery. He started small – throwing clay from an ancient firehouse in a pint-size town. Today, Tom owns the business with his father Duane. They’ve moved their business to their hometown and quadrupled their production house. That’s not all. Together, these men have reinvented the world of production pottery.

Our firehouse has the capacity to handcraft thousands of pieces weekly using the power of 26 computer-driven kilns. We push our green and lean initiatives with an innovative heat retrieval system that reclaims 100% of our kiln heat and disperses it back to dry greenware, generate hot water and heat the entire facility.

For a controlled production environment and employee comfort, we sustain consistent humidity and temperature throughout the facility – every day of the year. And we use custom designed, mobile damp boxes and traveling stations that protect pieces while eliminating lifting and carrying. 

Our artists have learned production pottery the best way – our way! They work on maintenance free pottery wheels engineered for accuracy and speed control. And you might say our work environment is simply a breath of fresh air as we've incorporated air filtration and ventilation units for a continuous flow of clean outside air. 

The final quality check rests in your hands. You’ll feel the faint clay ripples left by the potter’s hand, while seeing the richness of glaze color. Everything we do is designed for employee safety – and to handcraft attractive, functional and timeless pieces made to last a lifetime.


Sunset Hill Stoneware
Handcrafted pottery ♦ Made in America
Exceptional customer service ♦ Fast 4-week turnaround
Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.