Your identity – our products!

Since ancient times, potters have carved, molded and added glaze to figures in clay.  We’ve taken that age-old process of engraving with glaze and fabricated a 3-dimensional modern art masterpiece.  In 2011, our engineering and production staff redefined our imaging production process.  Today that proprietary development transforms your image into unparalleled high-definition artwork – capturing the finest intricate detail and clarity of your brand.

Want to see it in action?  Call us with your product style and glaze selections – then email us your artwork.  We accept high resolution files in Adobe® Illustrator® EPS (preferred) or Adobe® Photoshop® PSD.  Within a short time we’ll have artwork concepts waiting for your approval.

Lasting Impressions
You’ll be impressed at the level of detail we can capture – almost every intricate element of your design.  When complete, your actual medallion will appear as a sand color while the engraved portion of the medallion will be the same color as the glaze you select for your stoneware.  For instance, if you select Sunfire Red as your glaze, the engraved portion of your medallion will also feature Sunfire Red in the background.

We can transform your image and show you how it will look as a finished medallion.  See our Signature Stoneware™ gallery for how your image can be set in stone.