Sunset Hill Stoneware Advantage



You gain the SHS Difference and a team of creative mindsets to build a better mug for your brand. We build brand equity by helping customers associate their brand with a quality-made product — validating their high-level of standards, sense of values and love for America.

We are the fastest in the industry — and proud of it. Our goal is to keep your order on track throughout the production process and ship when you need it. We’ve streamlined our workflow with MRP technology to give us instant visibility to your order.

Our skilled team handcrafts each piece starting from an earthy clump of clay. We’ve optimized our processes and created internal efficiencies to limit the number of times we touch each piece — driving down your cost for handmade beauty and craftsmanship.


Customers select our stunning stoneware for our artistry and functionality. Our pieces are independently tested to ensure our pieces meet stringent FDA and California Proposition 65 compliancy standards — and our standards.

Our potters, customer service and design teams have an ingrained sense of creativeness and urgency to serve your needs. We believe in flat-line management making everyone accessible and accountable for quick decisive decision making to meet your deadlines.


SHS Advantage
Build Brand Equity ♦ Affordable Art
Independently Tested ♦ FDA and California 65 compliant
Customer Service