PRODUCTion Efficient.

           ENVIRONMENTally Responsible.       
Purchasing handcrafted stoneware is one thing. Appreciating the ingenuity and engineering involved to create affordable stoneware art is something most folks don’t think about. We’re not your normal pottery house. 

Our upgraded manufacturing site is downright spectacular! The facility incorporates an efficient use of energy, water and other resources to reduce waste while demonstrating environmental responsibility. It starts in The Fire House, a climate-controlled kiln room. It is here that HVAC systems were specifically designed and engineered to reclaim 100% of the heat produced by 26 brand new computer-controlled kilns. That’s a lot of fire power.

Water used throughout the pottery-making process is intercepted and separated to ensure that manufacturing by-products are removed – and optimized energy performance is achieved with creative architectural building design and energy-smart lighting.

Using our energy resources efficiently supports our commitment to represent the art industry with bold leadership.