America's Cleanest Greenest Pottery Mug



When you work with Sunset Hill Stoneware you are working with people who share your values. Father and son owners, Duane and Tom Dunsirn, have redefined the pottery industry by placing worker safety and environmental responsibility at the forefront of daily operations. Our business depends on the earth’s natural resources of clay, water and heat, so it’s natural that we would be protective of our environmental footprint — and employees' long-term health.

Gone are the days of pottery dust, circulating fans and damp dark humid conditions. The Dunsirns have embraced the beauty of artisan-thrown pottery with the desire to work smarter. Their state-of-the-art, productivity-driven facility can simply be called pottery heaven.

In 2015, an independent environmental consulting firm was employed to conduct on-site monitoring for respirable dust and crystalline silica at the production facility. Respirable dust averaged 96% lower than OSHA PEL limits, with the silica dust a staggering 95% lower. The final test results were well below both the current and proposed OSHA standards! The owners had achieved their goal of creating the Cleanest Greenest Pottery in America!

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America's Cleanest Greenest Pottery
Employee Safe ♦ Environmentally Strong
FDA & California Propostion 65 Compliant
Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.