2012 Testimonials 

September 29
Very easy to use the website and love the customization. Patricia, Clinton, OH 

September 25
I broke my mug, missing it terribly sent a note to your customer service department. What a nice response. The lady that answered in record time is Janina. She gave me detailed instructions on how to order another...It is not often customer service responds in such a pleasant manner. We are taking America back one small business at a time. By the way, I only buy made in the USA. Tess, Barnegat, NJ

September 21
Mug arrived safely. I have just enjoyed my first mug of morning coffee in it. Coffee does taste better in a stoneware container. Thank you. Floyd, Bel Air, MD 

September 21
YAYYYYY. I see my mugs are on the way! I am so excited I will try to contain it, however I feel it won't work! Sarah, Warner Robins, GA 

September 14
Shelly, you should know by now I trust you completely:) Keep the mugs looking good! Charlotte, Dawsonville, GA

September 14
Mugs are great! Already selling again like hot cakes! Carla, Gallatin Gateway, MT

September 13
Thank you very much for the coffee mugs. As always, they look gorgeous and I’m sure they will sell as quickly as the last ones. I’m pretty sure I need another delivery before Christmas. I will send you a purchase order for early December delivery in the next days. The coasters look awesome!Cheers, Christine, Hershey, PA

September 13
They were a hit! We will be looking at ordering more for next year. More than half were sold. Alayne, Belvidere, NJ

September 13
I saw your products all over Luna Café in DePere – mugs, centerpieces, etc. Everything looked awesome. Keep up the good work! Adam, Combined Locks, WI

September 11
I called before I placed the order to request that it not be shipped until October 8. I received very friendly and helpful service from Kayla. Thank you! Pam, Paradise Valley, AZ

September 7
Everything looked great until this morning when I dropped one of the mugs on the floor – only a slight chip – so now I have one of my own! I really think your company does such quality work. It’s a pleasure to have our logo displayed on these beautiful mugs. Lucy, Lexington, VA

September 6
The mugs turned out great as always. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the candles! Sue, South Bend, IN

September 6
They look really good and I have been using them quite a bit! I was surprised they showed up so quickly. They were actually dropped off an hour before the party I was having to tap a few kegs. Luke, Alkeny, IA

September 6
All was well with the last order! The mugs are selling great and we are very pleased with them! Brenda, Yorktown, VA

September 5
The mugs look great! They came in when I was gone so I had all kinds of comments how cool they were before I could even see them! Karen, Cedarburg, WI

August 30
Jessica, the mugs are wonderful! We put them on our Facebook page and we sold half of our stock overnight. It was a wonderful response. We would like to place an order for 48. Is there any new paperwork I need to fill out to place this new order? Thank you for all your help! So glad we can work with a Wisconsin company. Stephanie, Two Rivers, WI

August 28
Thanks for the grrrreat service... most appreciated...... Bill, Cypress, CA

August 21
ALL the mugs sold! Even the ones I used...lol. Maggie, Tok, AL

August 20
Just received the mugs and everything looks fantastic! I’m really loving the Night Sky coloring on the Peace SYF Mug. Heather, Burbank, CA

August 20
Kristin, I got to be honest with you. It has become my favorite coffee cup. What more does a guy have to say then that? John, Franklin, WI

August 14
The mugs are beautiful! We've sold a number of them already and gotten lots of appreciative comments. Thank you for making such a lovely product. Sandi, Madison, WI

August 14
The mugs are lovely and they continue to sell well. Have a wonderful day! Rebecca, Ely, MN

August 10
We would love to order 12 shotglasses without the handle. We look forward to getting them! We LOVE your stuff... Lisal, Floyd, VA

August 9
Shelly, these virtuals are BEAUTIFUL! Thank your designer for doing this! Sue, New Mexico

August 9
The Java Taster mugs with the Galaxy Night glaze and your logo are beautiful! I am very pleased with the craftsmanship of these mugs. Beautiful work! Donna, Goodyear, AZ

August 8
YAAAYYY! You have way to many styles to choose from! It gives me "I want it" overload! Sarah, Robins AFB, GA

August 6
We love your mugs and bowls and get so many compliments on the pieces we have. Beer and coffee taste so much better in a Sunset Hill stein! Mary, Neenah, WI

August 6
Thanks, Kristin! I LOVE the mugs!! Please keep in touch with me! Sara Beth, Woodstock, GA

August 3
Your product is selling really well. You are the best! Again, Thank you. Annalisa, Point Reyes Station, CA 

August 3
Sunset Hill Stoneware is the perfect place to pick out a gift for any occasion. It doesn't get much better than Made in America-except Made in Wisconsin. I purchased LombardiWare, and I wouldn't want it made ANYWHERE else! I also called in to their customer service (for questions on a possible custom order) and have never received such friendly help! Kristin, Appleton, WI 

August 1
Jessica, I received my mugs and once again they were packaged perfectly and are just what I wanted. Thanks so much. Deb, Sherwood, WI

July 31
They are BEAUTIFUL. The Park loves them. Thank you! Brenda, Yorktown, VA

July 31
Got the samples. Love Love Love them. Samantha, Fort St. John, BC 

July 31
Mugs are awesome! Very satisfied. Thank you, Jason, Lenexa, KS 

July 27
People like them and I've sold about 10. So happy we chose you. Elly, Annapolis, MD

July 27
I just wanted to let you know that I looked at the mugs and they are beautiful. I am trying to get my colleagues interested in ordering mugs. I’m using them as speaker gifts for a conference We order logo items from time to time. These are the nicest mugs I have ever seen. Thanks, Jim, Washington, DC

July 26
Dealing with Shelly the 'Goddess of Sales' has been a pleasure. James, Glen Allen, VA 

July 25
Thanks Shelly, You really are the Goddess of sales! Best, Deborah, GreenVille, SC

July 20
Shelly - We love them! Cassandra, Menasha, WI 

July 19
Oh, by the way, you we're right about the BM-2--It really is fantastic! Since its arrival, I have found the need to try every type of liquid fit for human consumption in it: Coffee? Yes!; Iced Tea? Yes!; Adult Beverages? Yes!; Orange Juice? Yes!; Water? Yes!; Prune Juice? Um, Yes!?; Cup-O-Soup? Yes!; Coke? Yes!; Pop? Yes!; Soda? Yes!; Soda Pop? Yes! Prune Juice? Um, Yes again!? Best, Bill, Williamsburg, VA

July 17
Thank you Jessica! The mugs have been selling really well. I know you got them to us really speedily last time, so if there's anyway at all we can get them sooner that would be great. This is our busy crazy summertime :) All the best, Rebecca, Ely, MN

July 9
UnderWare looks great! What a great complement to the stoneware. Tim, Glendale, WI

July 8
We couldn't be happier and already sold some mugs, so it is working out perfect for us. Patti, Bolton Landing, NY

July 7
Everyone here really likes them; we're probably going to be ordering more of them. Thanks for all your work. Arthur, Middleton, WI

July 6
FYI – they absolutely loved the final results! In fact, they liked it so much, they already handed them out. These were supposed to be a Holiday gift item. I guess they couldn’t let a good thing wait. Thanks again sales goddess! Mike, Kimberly, WI

July 5
By the way you guys have great customer service - something that doesn’t go unnoticed around here! Allyn, Edinboro, PA

June 30
It arrived in perfect condition. My husband has already been enjoying his favorite Wisconsin beers in it and can't wait for this Packer's season. Jennifer, Pemberton, NJ 

June 29
Thanks for getting these samples out so quickly--they're fantastic! It's funny, we went into this thinking that we were just looking for a shave mug, and we've now decided to carry coffee mugs and steins!--shame on you! Bill, Williamsburg, VA

June 27
We got the mugs yesterday and I absolutely LOVE them! I was so silly about picking which style/colors I like and now that I see them I realize ALL of them are awesome! Noreen, Calgary, Canada 

June 27
The mugs are amazing!! Thanks for your help! Julie, Stockbridge, WI 

June 22
WOW! I just wanted to let you know that the mugs are in and they are AMAZING. Thank you for all your help. Jim, Washington, DC 

June 22
The cups arrived- they're beautiful!And we're really excited that they arrived in time for our first program. Peg, Starksboro, VT 

June 21
Thank you so much...they look great! And I'm really loving the swirl! Carmen, Daphne, AL 

June 20
You are so funny...I love working with you!! You are always making me laugh! Kathy, Green Lake, WI 

June 15
We just received our mugs and LOVE them! Jill, Cartersville, GA 

June 15
My father called and was beaming with appreciation, joy, and pride! He absolutely loves his SHS mug! He knows of SHS and was so proud to have a piece of his own!! Thank you kindly for helping me express the gratitude I have for my Father on Father's Day this year! We are on the West Coast and he is in the Midwest (I am originally from Neenah). I told him to have a cold one in his new mug for us tonight. And even though he is far away...I know what glass he is raising to "Cheers" us tonight. Rana, Gig Harbor, WA

June 14
The mugs look great. I'm already selling them. Thanks. Kris, Green Lake, WI 

June 13
I can't wait to have the finished product. You have been great to work with! Danielle,  Danville, IN

June 13
We got the cups and shot glasses! They are beautiful and we have had a lot of interest in them.  Tracy, Vaughn, WA

June 8
Thank you for the very fast delivery of our mug order!  I couldn't believe we received them so soon.  I really appreciate the quick turn-around.  Your product is beautiful and we're very pleased to sell it at our Center. Rebecca, Ely, MN

June 8
I received my 3 photo samples of the 2013 Jamboree mug yesterday afternoon and I couldn't be more please. Thank you very much for your assistance in development. The mugs turned out beautiful! BJ, Charlotte, NC

June 4
I like the products that you make. I was very happy with what you had on the website. My favorite was the blue night sky vase. I hope that I can find your website again and order stuff with my dad's credit card. My teachers will love the vases! Ava, Neenah, WI

June 1
I LOVE THEM! Everyone here does...they are great. Carla, Gallatin Gateway, MT

May 30
You are the best, thank you so much. Deb, Candia, NH 

May 29
Everything looked wonderful! Thanks for getting them out sooner than I expected. Erik, Phillips, WI

May 23
Wow! Love how Lance is going these logos...please tell him...going to think about them a bit as I like them all! Tami, Big Bear Lake, CA 

May 22
Jessica and Kayla – you were so upbeat and encouraging; so obliging, that I'm sold on you! See what you can do with my logo. I think it will be very cool! Laurie, Fort Benton, MT 

May 21
Thanks Shelly-- I appreciate your TLC. :) Susan, Dearborn, MI 

May 18
All's well with the beautiful pieces in that last order, and we are using the heck out of them. Ray, Winston-Salem, NC 

May 17
We got the mugs this afternoon. You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much. Nora, Bend, OR 

May 14
We received our mug order today, and we LOVE them! The colors are excellent, and the custom design looks great. I am so happy I found you guys. Katherine, North Salem, NH

May 11
I am pleased with how the mugs turned out. Cudos to all those at Sunset Hill who made it happen! Kelly, Haines Falls, NY

May 10

You're the best. Thanks Kristin. DJ, Murfreesboro, TN 

May 3
Pottery looks absolutely beautiful!  I am super pleased with the results!(The stormy blue is gorgeous! ) I especially love the "good for the soul" in the blue!  Thank you so much again for all your help with picking out the colors!  You do such a wonderful job! Judy, Big Pool, MD

May 3
Just received the mugs! Looks great as always. Thanks! Trang, Orange, TX 

April 23
The mugs look great. Steve sold one yesterday and I sold two today! Thanks, Steve & Mary Jane, Plymouth, WI 

April 17
We received our mugs last Thursday and they have been well received. We sold a bit more than a case, which is really good! I know there are plans to have your mugs for an event in the fall, so you should be hearing from me sometime soon! Deb, Houston, TX

April 16
The mugs came out AWESOME! I gave them to my office staff and they loved them. Thanks a lot. Andrew, Grafton, MA

April 10
Jessica - the mugs look wonderful as usual! Thanks much! Carolyn, San Diego, CA

March 30
Thank you! The cups are a big hit! We sold 10 the first week and they weren't even on display yet. We expect to have them all sold after Easter and may need more. Judy, Milton, FL

March 28
Heyyy Shelly – just wanted to share that both of the stoneware mugs are now ranked #1 and #2 best sellers in our drinkware category! Brian, Fairfax, VA

March 27
I found the shopping experience to be fun and easy. It was very visual. he gallery helped me decide which color to choose when making my selection for glaze and artwork. I wish you much success with your new store! Thanks, Rhonda, WI

March 25
Jessica - I love the sample mug! Your customer service has been great and I hope to work more with you in the future. Danielle, Danville, IL

March 23
Got the mugs. They are awesome! Cheers, Trevor, Kearney, NE

March 22
I just received the mugs. THEY ARE GORGEOUS. I love them so much! Trang, Orange, TX

March 16
Thank you so much for touching up the artwork! It looks so good! Very happy. Toni, Mountain Rest, SC

March 16
It has been SUCH a pleasure working with you. Thanks to you and your company for your wonderful mugs - 'forever' mementos. God bless you all! Karen, Oak Harbor, OH

March 12
Jessica - we received the new mug a couple of weeks ago. It is just as beautiful as the first one and my husband is thrilled he can start using it. He uses that mug for cold and hot drinks, so he missed not having it. Thanks again for getting this taken care of so promptly. You have two very satisfied customers! Trudy & Doug, Bangor, CA

March 8
I love them and people say, "Oh how cool!" Have sold some already. Thanks! Susanne, Hustler, WI

March 8
Shelly, Thanks for your excellent follow up. Have a wonderful week! Herb, Cotati, CA

March 2
Kristin, we just received our mugs and I am SO excited! They are beautiful! Amber, Kansas City, MO

March 1
Great work and choices Goddess; that's why I call on you! Scott, Sunbury, PA

February 24
Ohmygoodness gracious these are superfantastic! Annalisa, Point Reyes Station, CA

February 22
We've gotten great compliments on the items! Thanks much! Laura, Socorro, New Mexico

February 21
Kristin, we received the mugs yesterday, they are beautiful! They will be up on our website sometime today. The staff loves them! Jenn, Pottsville, PA

February 20
The mugs are a big hit! Thanks! Carol, Menasha, WI

February 19
Sunset Hill Stoneware has done a very nice job for us in small quantities. Charmeine, Silver City, NM

February 14
Product did VERY well. They sold out by our second weekend (with lousy attendance, I might add). We were very happy with how they came out and will definitely be looking to work with you again for our upcoming spring festival this May. Brian, Bolton, CT

February 8
We received our wine chillers last week. They are very beautiful, as are the mugs. Everything arrived in one piece which is always a good thing. Kudos to your shipping dept. Thanks again, have a great day. Todd & Beth, Randolph, WI

February 6
They absolutely loved it. The virtuals you did for the Sands were also well received. Hopefully, we will receive an order in the near future. Alberta, Fogelsville, PA

February 3
They loved the order just received and thanks for getting them out ahead of schedule.
Diane, Flowood, MS

February 1
Your logo designs are beautiful. So glad we decided to follow thru with your product. They are beautiful pieces that you produced. My husband and I just love our mugs we purchased in Yellowstone. Michele, Mifflinburg, PA

January 31
I’ve been telling everyone about them! Mary, Plymouth, WI

January 30
I was extremely pleased with the last order so in a few months I may have another order. Thank you, Patricia, Rocklin, CA

January 27 
We love our samples!  I am drinking a delicious cup of coffee in one right now. 
Amber, Kansas City, MO

January 27
Kristin, I received the sample and it is just as gorgeous as I had hoped! Diana, Fayetteville, NC

January 19
Everyone loved their mugs, employees and customers. One of my co-workers is thinking about placing an order of cups for her church. Jeff, Elberton, GA

January 18
The mugs have all been given out to clients and were very well received. Everyone LOVED them! Thanks for a job well done! Donna, San Leandro, CA

January 11
The order came and it all looks wonderful. We're very pleased and have already been putting the new stoneware to good use. Raymond Jones, Winston-Salem, NC

January 10
The guys like the product so much that we'd like to place another order. Here's what they requested… John, Annville, P 

January 6
Our mugs have arrived and they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for getting them to us so quickly. Elizabeth, Williamsburg, VA 

2011 Testimonials

December 30
Everything was great! Thank you again so much for all of your help. Happy New Year! Lisa, Green Bay, WI

December 29
Jessica! They loved the mugs!!!! Thank you so much! Hope you have a Happy New Year! KayLyn, Houston, TX

December 26
The mugs are awesome! Thank you very much! I'm thinking future birthday gifts might be good. Eric, Odenton, MA

December 23
Hope to have another great year with the Goddess, it's only been a short relationship, but with you I'm sure it will bloom into something bigger. Scott, Sunbury, PA

December 22
Jessica - wanted to let you all know that the order arrived in perfect condition and we have successfully mailed out to our top donors. We have already had several of them email saying thank you and mentioning how thrilled they were to receive them. The quality was excellent and we were thrilled with the opportunity to send an artistic, beautifully crafted gift that is sure to remind them of our work with vulnerable children and the important role they play in making it all happen. Thank you for all you did to help us with this. It was a pleasure to work with Sunset Hill Stoneware from start to finish. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. Go Packers! Terry, Virginia Beach, VA

December 19
Received the order! The cups are awesome... thanks for everything! John, Annville, PA

December 16
Thanks for the great service! You are still the greatest sales goddess ever! Smooch! Have a Merry Christmas! Monica, Denver, CO

December 16
Jessica, we love the pieces you made for our Celebrate Sisterhood. I bid on them several times and still got out bid by more aggressive bidders. I believe the final bid was $150. Thanks for producing wonderful Wisconsin products and so faithfully supporting our organization. We love you guys! Harriet, Appleton, WI

December 15
Shelly, your follow up and prompt responses are greatly appreciated. I enjoy working with you. Trina, Colorado Springs, CO

December 15
I have been circulating those coffee mugs to those people who’ve been in support of our Project. Thanks for the gift. We appreciate it. They’re a beautiful piece of stoneware and this is a wonderful gesture. Bob, Milwaukee, WI

December 9
You are a joy to work with and thank you for being so professional in your approach and ideas. Tom, Neenah, WI

December 7
Awesome....your work is beautiful! Lisa, LaGrange, GA

December 2
Just a quick note to say thank you again for helping me out! I received the mugs and they are perfect. I can't wait to give them to him at Christmas. As silly as it sounds, I know he will be excited! We do enjoy our coffee, especially on cold days like today. I hope we can do business with you in the future, until then, thank you so much! Misty, Lubbock, TX

November 29
Jessica, they turned out great. Thanks again for your help in creating a great gift for my extended family. Happy Holidays! David, Lake Forest, IL

November 22
The mugs are gorgeous! The colors came out beautifully, and the logo looks great.Thanks again! Sue, Neenah, WI

November 17
Jessica - Thank you for being in contact. Your customer service is superb. Theresa, Slingerlands, NY

November 9 
Kristin, I can't wait to sit out on the deck and eat a bowl of chili out of our stoneware bowls! Rich, Estes Park, CO

November 8
While visiting Sainte-Geneviève in Missouri, I bought one of your handmade mugs. I love it, my friends constantly inquire about it, and I thought I should tell your team: Well done! Oh, and nothing goes as well together with the mug as butter rum tea :) Cheers, Joseph, Québec, Canada

November 7
That is a sharp looking mug! Thank you guys so much... Carl, Alexandria, VA

October 31
Thanks for all your help Shelly! You are indeed “Goddess of Sales.” Sue, Oshkosh, WI

October 28
Thanks Kristin. We love your stoneware pottery! Melissa, Bedford, PA

October 20
Wanted to let you know your Graphic’s Department did an awesome job! Terri, Wayland, MA

October 17
We are incredibly impressed with the speed and ease we have experienced in ordering from you. I understand why the Chamber of Commerce praised your company so highly! AND, every bit as exciting -- IT IS MADE IN AMERICA!” Helen, Endeavor, WI

October 13
Jessica, thanks for your quick response. Working with you has been an extremely pleasant experience. Helen, Endeavor, WI

October 11
This is stunning! I LOVE IT…. Thank you sooo much Jessica. What a great project…. You made my day. Elizabeth, Coronado, CA

October 7
Wanted to let you know that we all love the mugs and I’ll be calling you soon to get some more. And the purple came out great. Tashe, Indianola, IN

September 29
My mugs are absolutely gorgeous....I love them...They are so unique... and working with you was exactly how I want my business run... Professionally, friendly, thoughtful, you took time with me and listened... I appreciate all you have done for me... Kathy, Green Lake, WI

September 26
We received the mugs and they look beautiful! Thank you so much for all of your help with this project. We look forward to working with you again in the future! Gavi, San Francisco, CA

September 23
The first batch turned out great! Thank you for everyone for such supreme workmanship. Harriet, San Diego, CA

September 20
Sales of the current mug are awesome, bar none our bestselling drinkware. Brian, Fairfax, VA

September 15
Jessica, thank you so much for your patience on this. Your artist REALLY knocked it out of the park…. I love it…And I really like working with you…. Cheers!!! Elizabeth, Coronado, CA

September 13
Thanks for the update, you are the best. I kneel before you, you truly are a Goddess. Scott, Sunbury, PA

September 13
The manner in which you greet folks on the phone and the fact you respond person to person proves you have admirable customer relation ability—one of the most vital components for a successful business. Kay, Frankfort, IN

August 30
Received the mugs this morning…they are wonderful! Even nicer than expected. Great job with the logo. Mike was impressed and you know he’s never impressed. And the very best part…..MADE IN AMERICA! Just another satisfied customer.  Randy, Dayton, OH

August 18
That is wonderful – thank you so much Shelly! Always a pleasure doing business with Sunset Hill! Alana, Appleton, WI

August 15
I love the new items in your catalog. I wish I could get a little bit of everything! Sarah, Warner Robins, GA

August 12
This catalog is wonderful! I can’t wait to order some new pieces. We are anxiously awaiting a reorder, we only have two mugs on the floor. We have had such great feedback from our guests and my staff really talks up the fact that they are made in the USA. I am so pleased with the rate of sale and just wanted to pass this info on to you. Great American story in a bad economy. Thanks again! Andrea, Salem, MA

August 9
Thank you so much for the help with this! These mugs and steins are going to be a perfect wedding gift to our party. I am very happy!” Lisa, Green Bay, WI

July 15
Thank you so much for all of your assistance getting this project done so quickly.  You did a great job and I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend! Gloria, Chippewa Falls, WI

July 7
Thank you Goddess.  I will show this to my client.  Jeff

June 30
We love the mugs! Members love the mugs! We help draw attention to SHS as well because we place the mugs on the café counter on a tray upside down so people are asking about who made them – and members want to buy them!  Thanks!  Jane, Menasha, WI

June 29
Thank you for being the goddess of sales! Joy, HI

June 29
You really do measure up to your "Goddess of Sales" title! Thank you so much, Shelly. The extra 10 mugs are going to our public officials that are giving the formal proclamation at 12:30.  Thanks, Dana

June 16
We love them!  Everyone who saw them wants one.  Susan, Driggs, ID
June 9
Thank you, Shelly, for all your help with our order. We really appreciate it. We look forward to selling Sunset Hill Stoneware's mugs and steins in our museum store.  Thanks again. Jim, Hammond, OR

June 1
OMG!  I am so glad that I talked him into your products!  THEY ROCK!  Thanks so much! OH YEAH!  I am so stoked.  Sandy, IA

May 27
We recently ordered stoneware mugs based primarily upon one thing noted in their description, "Made in USA".  We want you to know how pleased we are with their quality and how much we  hope to see more and more USA-made items available in the store.  Thanks, Paul & Logene, Arvada, CO

May 18
Our season is just starting to ramp up, but we sold 3 mugs over the weekend.  It was pretty quiet here so I think we are going to be quite satisfied with your products. Nancy, Minneapolis, MN

May 11
Thank you so much for the wonderful stoneware you create.  We look forward to using it.  Harriet, San Diego, CA

May 9
The mugs arrived about an hour ago and everyone is in love with them! They are beautiful and better than we had hoped for. Thank you so very much! They will soon be on our website, just in time for Father’s Day. This is a fantastic product and I am so excited about being able to offer it to our customers. I feel like I will be selling a lot of these beauties, so what do I need to know about getting more? Susan, Roanoke, VA

May 1
This will be our third year in a row to order from SHS! Your mugs are always one of our best sellers, and we usually sell out! Thanks for a great product and fast service. David, Marion, IN.

April 29
Your company is the buzz around here! Everyone loves these mugs! Thank you, Bryan, Chanhassen, MN

April 28
Thank you for the wonderful work you do on your products. Carolyn, Austin, TX

April 28
The mugs are beautiful. Used them as ‘thank you’ gifts for the speakers at our 200th celebration. We marketed them as grit mugs and put a bag of our stone ground grits with a recipe. Can't get more Made in America than that!  We have sold many.  Terry, Great Falls, VA

April 26
The mugs look great!  I think I will be the first to purchase one of them!  Thank you so much. Sue, South Bend, IN

April 22
I was happy to see that BirdDogOutfitters and the dog stoneware mugs were absolutely awesome.  I am trying to decide which color I prefer, if not both, the brown desert color is very rich looking, and I look forward to future business with you.  Heather.

April 12
LOVE the mugs and the crocks.  You folks did a great job.  I’m sure I will be in touch to reorder soon.  Thanks for the wonderful customer service. Jane, Manassas, VA

April 4
I'm enjoying my new coffee mug. I recently purchased one from Boston Stoker in Dayton, OH. I liked it so much I bought another one to give as a gift. The workmanship is awesome, and I love that they are made in the USA! Keep up the good work.  Steve
March 23
My customer is very pleased with the order for item BM-7.  Thanks for all your help. Marti

March 11
DeAnn, thank you for the quick turnaround. They are beautiful!!!!  Terry, Great Falls, VA

March 3
Sharon, it’s a thumbs up!  This was the easiest custom product I’ve ever done! Your graphic designer is wonderful.  Thanks again. Barbara, Washington, DC

March 2
Your awesomeness is overwhelming and appreciated!  Best regards, Randy, Branson, MO

February 20
I just bought one of your beautiful handcrafted mugs in Georgia. They are beautiful works of art and I want to thank you for making these in the USA. I only wish more things that you find in National Parks gift shops and other places in this country were authentic and made in America.  Thank you very much, Joe

February 17
Shelly, you are ‘da bomb’!!!  Thank you for making this happen. Have a great evening. The client will love this product…..so, hopefully they will wish to order more soon!  Cheers! Tom, Charlotte, NC

February 15
Many thanks Shelly. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun ordering merchandise for our gift shop! Looking forward to seeing the new mugs and colors.  Thanks again. John, Durham, NC

February 11
Sharon, your graphic artist is good at what he does. We have a lot of problems trying to get our logo to render well and he nailed it on the first shot! This has been the easiest set-up process I have ever encountered. Thank you. Nancy, Ely, MN

February 9
Aloha Sharon! Thank you for such great service. Hopefully you have made many sales since. Mahalo, Janice, Maui, HI

January 28
Yes, DeAnn, it is beautiful! Please place my order for the mugs and crocks. LOVE IT! Anxious to see the gray when it arrives as well. Have a great weekend. Jane, Manassas, VA

January 17
I recently bought one of your beautiful coffee mugs while visiting a historic landmark in Salem, MA. I collect coffee mugs and have over 300 of them. One thing I have noticed is that the mugs that come from Europe or other continents are all made in the country they represent. America is very different. Most say made in China. When visiting Salem I saw a lot of very nice mugs, but now I’ve started looking on the mug bottom to see where they really come from. I was thrilled to find that the mug I liked the best in the gift shop was a Sunset Hill Stoneware mug and it was made in America!

THANK YOU! And I hope your company continues to produce your wonderful stoneware for years to come. Carol, Brookfield, MA

January 3
Shelly, thanks a million for the mug and your wonderful customer service. All the best, Michael, Forest Hills, NY