Stone Pillar
Stone Pillar Sunfire Red Melted Caramel
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 The Stone Pillar is filled with
soy-based Melted Caramel scent,
glazed in Sunfire Red and features
Pinecones & Needles artwork.

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Stone Pillar
Reach inside your inner bean with a soy-based Scent-in-Stone candle, exclusively from SHS!  This pure, ‘Melted Caramel’ scented Stone Pillar candle – featuring our Pinecones & Needles stock artwork – was hand-poured in Wisconsin using organic soybeans.  The ‘Melted Caramel’ scent can be described as a large pot of rich, gooey caramelized sugar hot off the stove.

Why soy? Pouring a renewable resource (like soybean wax) into handcrafted, kiln-baked stoneware is a “Made-in-Wisconsin” legend in the making. The naturally biodegradable state of a soybean allows for a longer and cleaner burn; this allows you to burn the candle 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle. Even more, once the candle is burned, clean-up is easy.  Immediately after burning, simply remove metal wick holder, wipe out the container and place in dishwasher.  Your candle holder is now recycled into a Sunfire Red glazed Caddy Daddy organizational helpmate around the home for loose odds and ends or to dress up your desktop!

Handcrafted with pride in Wisconsin – our Stone Pillar stands 5" tall x 3-1/2" wide.

Our Scent-In-Stone offerings maintain the same high-quality standards of all Sunset Hill Stoneware products - they are ready made, ready to ship and ready to use!

All in-stock Scent-In-Stone items will be shipped within 2 business days of receiving your order. If you are ordering other SHS products, please know those will be shipped separately.

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