Productivity Driven



We produce affordable, American-made product!  Due to our lean processes and efficiences, we do more with less without reducing quality standards for handcrafted stoneware. 
  • Custom-designed, maintenance-free pottery wheels allow the potters to produce volumes of work quickly with great flexibility
  • Ideal drying temperatures achieved with consistent 45% relative humidity; standard 1-hour drying processes reduced to 10 minutes
  • High-definition, three dimensional clay medallion achieved with high-tech imaging process
  • Accurate handle extrusion with repeatable standards
  • Consistent, repeatable glaze color in stable facility environment
  • Capacity demands attained with 26 computer-controlled kilns
  • Easy, fast clean-up with stainless steel work and washing stations, strategically placed floor drains and epoxy coated floors

Read more about employee safetygreen initiativesSignature StonewareTM and how we modernized an ancient art with today's technologies through hard work, determination and ingenuity. 


Productivity Driven Facility
Maintenance free pottery wheels ♦ Ideal drying conditions
Exact handle extrusion ♦ Consistency in product and glaze 
High Capacity ♦ High Standards ♦ High Quality