Lean, clean and green pottery facility



The external beauty of our stoneware is easy to see—the inner beauty is the untold story. Our stoneware is handmade by skilled Wisconsin potters; it’s made efficiently, responsibly and safely.

Our production facility is maxed out with innovations, personally designed and engineered by Tom’s father, Duane Duane. In some cases, Duane has taken off the shelf products and re-engineered them for speed and efficiency. In many cases, you can’t buy what he has created – he has spent sleepless nights designing tools, carts, packaging methods to ensure you will receive hand produced quality stoneware when you need it.

The true beauty of our treasured stoneware lies deep inside each piece. Feel the high quality of craftsmanship—touch the subtle ripples left by the potter’s fingertips. Handmade efficiently, responsibly and safely in America—crafted to last a lifetime.

Sunset Hill Stoneware Facility
Production Driven ♦ Employee Safe ♦ Energy Efficient
Stoneware handmade by Wisconsin potters.
Crafted to last a lifetime.