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Perfect cup, but just not only for java, August 14, 2016
Perfect cup to hog the coffee in the morning with the house full of family, and equally well used sitting on the deck sipping my Jack and Coke. The cup is beautifully made, a very solid cup. Might overtake my Fiestaware coffee mug as the favorite. The cup retains heat and cold depending on the beverage. Well worth the investment.
By Derek from Madison, Wisconsin
Beautiful, Well Crafted., April 14, 2015
Holds enough coffee to ensure you don't blink for a week, but does it beautifully. I'm very pleased with the quality, and the beauty of this mug. Couldn't have asked for more. I ordered another for my mother at the same time, and she loved hers.
By ELC from Nashville, TN
Java Taster Cup Review, January 05, 2015
The design is beautiful and keeps my coffee hot for quite some time. My husband was using a different cup one day after pouring coffee for the both of us and noticed I wasn't warming my coffee up. He asked if he could taste mine and sure enough it was much hotter than his was. This proved to him that the Java Taster cup kept my coffee hotter. In that these cups hold a large amount, this is important. We just love them.
By rhhjc from Colorado
Great Workmanship, November 05, 2014
Purchased one like this from Primitive Gatherings for myself some time ago. My husband liked it, so I traced down your website using your logo on the bottom of my cup and ordered one for him. He loves it. We have a K-cup brewer and use both our cups every morning. Thank you! P. S. Also happy it is made in America!
By Dolly from North Carolina
Java Taster, December 28, 2012
I ordered a cup for each of my daughters-in-law for Christmas. I used the same style and color but personalized them for their interests. Everyone loved their cup. I love giving unique gifts and the fact that they were made in the USA made it even better.
By Jackie from Appleton
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