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coffee mug, December 30, 2013
I purchased a large coffee mug while on vacation in Grand Teton N.P. and searched for the company on the internet. I loved this mug so much that I wanted to purchase others made in the USA for Christmas presents. I gave the chili mugs away as presents. Knowing these mugs are made with lead free glazes is one of the main reasons I sought out more mugs. I love to reheat my coffee in the microwave and do not want to reheat a lead glazed mug and risk any bad health effects of that.
By Eva from Bright (Lawrenceburg), IN
Great mug, great service!, March 28, 2013
I love my chili mug! I originally purchased a SHS mug at Yellowstone National Park and it was instantly my favorite mug. The right size, the right shape, purchased at my favorite national park and handcrafted in the USA. What more could you want? It is handmade to an excellent standard - it is better than something made by a machine. This matters to me - I am a custom knifemaker and make my knives by hand and that is the quality standard I strive for. SHS achieves it! Sadly, my original mug suffered a fatal fall and, unlike Humpty Dumpty, won't be back in service. I got this as a replacement and found it to be every bit as good as the first - excellent consistency! The whitetail deer is beautiful and detailed and I'm thrilled with my mug. Also, although the website asks for 4-6 weeks for delivery, I got mine in about 2. Perhaps I ordered in the off-season but still, that's a fraction of the advertised time. All in all, a great mug for a great price.
By Dave the Veterinarian from Maryland
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