Duane Dunsirn



Duane started his career in the label printing industry working side-by-side with his father. Duane’s dad taught him via the school of hard knocks. While working with his dad, Duane's ingenuity resulted in many patent rights—most recognized for creating the self-adhesive label that incorporated a peel-away top transparent film. This technology is used today by leading manufacturers for couponing and promotional needs.

In 1987, Duane and his brother Brian, started a narrow-web converting business with Duane responsible for the company’s productivity. He took state-of-the-art equipment and found ways to redesign and re-engineer for speed. In 2001, the two brothers sold their progressive start-up company.
In the meantime, Duane’s son Tom started Sunset Hill Stoneware in 1998, and since start up, Duane would dabble in the business. Duane would stop in the pottery shop, look at the activity and invent ways to improve processes.

In 2010, Duane and Tom became business partners. The father/son team surrounded themselves with talented people and used Duane’s history of ingenuity around productivity and safety to implement leading-edge technologies into the business.

Today Sunset Hill Stoneware creates functional stoneware in an eco-friendly production facility—designed for the environment and safety of employees. You'll find their branded stoneware in historical landmarks across America.

And you’ll find Duane tinkering in the background uncovering ways to improve processes for the production of handcrafted American-made stoneware at an affordable price.

Duane Dunsirn
Passionate ♦ Energetic ♦ Rock Solid
Patent Owner ♦ Modern-Day Edison
A career in doing things right.